Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Handmade Showcase!

I'm so incredibly chuffed by this wonderful feature in Handmade Showcase. I will be excited to create the winning earrings for the winner of this give-away and I really hope that a lot of people respond. Not only is this a great showcase for my work, with a good interview, lots of photos, but it's so much fun too! I'm very pleased with how well it has been presented. Kudos!

I'm also very happy to have put up some new earrings at my shop this morning. I made six pairs last night (yes, ever so industrious) and managed to get three of them online so far. I'll do the rest later, maybe this evening because I'll be at a trade show tomorrow. Most of the earrings I did last night are a slightly new direction for me. Even though I have put them in my "Victoriana" collection they are a little more creative in my use of the filigree elements and also very much more time consuming. I'm particularly pleased with a natty little pair that I'll try and list soon made with little vintage coffee bean beads. Look out for it.


piggy said...

Those earrings are so pretty! Your photos are great too! :) Good luck with the promo! :D

Annette said...

These earrings are beautiful! Good luck with the showcase and promo!

Kelly said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!