Friday, October 10, 2008

Presenting The Flower Garden

Wandering around etsy I see variations on the theme, but I think each one of us that crafts handmade jewelry is bringing our own uniqueness to it and so I'm proud to present my flower element earrings. This one, in particular, I feel is fairly unusual. Simple, feather light, but soft and elegant. It's the exact polar opposite of the stuff I do with some of the earthier gemstones I am fond of, but that's my nature as a Gemini. Some days I wake up all flowers and air, and other mornings I want the rich deep veins of ore and earth.

I can say that my consistent inspiration is nature!


w said...

oh. those are different. and in a good way.


Longfellow said...

Thank you, and love your chicken feet avatar!

Kim said...

These earrings are beautiful.