Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bread Blues

The scent of warm fresh baked bread drives me into deep waves of longing, and there is simply nothing I can do about it. I posted about a great bread company Against the Grain in a earlier blog of mine, but much as I endorse the wonderful products they produce nothing can, for me, replace crusty artisan crafted baked wheat flour bread. I can prefer Sesmark rice crackers with sesame seeds to regular crackers, I can live with quinoa pasta, I can cope with Against the Grain pizza crusts, I can live without cookies and cakes, or occasionally treat myself with flourless chocolate cake, but nothing is as gorgeous to my senses both olfactory and gustatory as good bread.

I have never tested as allergic to wheat or as having celiac disease but I’m pretty sure I have it now. I been on the Atkins diet since June, my second time on the low carb regime. Each time I basically just cut out things like bread, pasta, sugar, etc. I don’t go for the substitutes generally. Just as if I was a vegetarian I wouldn’t eat tofurky, I don’t really buy the whole substitute thing. If I don’t want to eat meat why would I want to eat bean curds shaped to look like a turkey with all sorts of weird flavor and texture additives? Don’t even get me started on how odd I find that. So you won’t find me eating all those high priced and over-processed Atkins brand carb substitute products which actually have a lot of carbs, well more than if I simply didn’t eat it in the first place. Yes, I’m eating piles of delicious healthy veggies so fret not.

Anyway, that was the point of this? Oh yes, so I accidentally cut wheat out of my diet 6 years ago and then again this year. I lost weight, felt better, stopped having headaches, and was relieved of some uncomfortable and embarrassing personal health issues that I don’t feel like elucidating for you here but if you are familiar with some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance I’m sure you can guess. Both times. And the day before yesterday I cheated. I had a little lasagna. I was at an event where I needed to eat and there were no low carb options that would have satisfied me as I had been moving tables and chairs around for 150 people. I needed food. Yesterday all day I paid the price with that little problem of mine – the one I haven’t experienced since June.

Big sigh here. I have finally had to come to terms with, as I walk down the bread aisle smelling my favorite food, that I will never ever again be able to enjoy a crusty loaf with butter and brie, or a delicious just out of the oven chocolate chip cookie, or have my beloved toast and marmalade.

I mourn.


Carrie G said...

Wait, wait wait! http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/03/perfect-gluten-free-bread-baked-in.html

This is Pretty close to a crusty bread that you can eat without toasting...

Don't get down, it doesn't help anything. If you don't have Whole Foods, I'll send you a box (my girlfriend ships it to me).
Hang in there!

High Desert Diva said...

I hear ya...no wheat or gluten for me either, and sadly, I'm allergic to chocolate, too.

But...I do feel better...

Longfellow said...

Oh I feel so much better not eating wheat that I'm beginning (only just) not to crave it, but boy when I pass the bread aisle and they have just delivered my favorite bread I just wanna die!

Thanks, carrie g, I'll check that out.