Sunday, November 23, 2008

This, That, and the Other

*Yawn* It's been a good morning to a weekend with good points and bad points.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. It was hideously cold! So cold it could chill you right through several layers of warm winter clothing, and I had to stand outside in that for 45 minutes waiting for my local farmer's market to jury my jewelry for their winter fair only to be turned down. To be fair they said they loved my stuff, but sadly they just had too much jewelry already and I was a Johnny come lately. Still it was sad and disappointing to be rejected. Thankfully I still have the other two fairs to do the weekend end before.

Happier news is I sold my lovely snowflake earrings featured in the last bloggerie, and so I made another pair so that I can still make the matching necklace I have schemed. But first I'm making a very different piece. It's a necklace and instead of beaded I'm doing all wire coils for the chain and danglies and stuff. I'll post a photo as soon as I'm done. It should be very nice.

This morning I have lots of lovely new hearts and over 6000 page views at my etsy store because my very latest treasury (pictured here) made the Etsy front page around 1 a.m. or so. I wish I had seen it. When I checked my email last night I had noticed that one of the pictures had been swapped out for an alternate and I KNEW I hadn't done it so I figure it might make the front page but it was late and I was tired so into bed I went. However Adorn Me Jewelry left me a nice message so I knew I had hit the front page. That was very sweet!

So that's three front pages I have made now. I feel warm and fuzzy about that achievement and hope to hit it more often. Now if I could only get MY stuff on there! Hehe.

Oh and I'm sooo looking forward to Thanksgiving this year! Now if I can only get my son to come with me instead of sulking by his lonesome.

Oh oh oh oh… after viewing my show William H. Hays has suggested swapping portraits. I do one of him and he do one of me. Very exciting. William is a great guy, very enthusiastic about the arts, as well as a talented painter, and he runs the Artist's Loft here in town.


Dana said...

Congratulations on the Etsy FP!

For the love of jewelry... said...

Oh, so glad you got a cap of your FP. :c) I was thrilled to see you followed my blog, so I had to come over and look around.

Sorry to hear about the farmer's market. That's the last thing you want to hear after braving the weather. I don't know where you are, but I'm just outside of Montreal, Canada, and it's been getting down into the low 30s at night sometimes, and I wake up to frost on the ground. I'm a California girl -- a weenie! -- I'm not used to this. :P

Your portraits are really lovely. I am drawn to your unusual style -- the way you use color and your composition are non-traditional, which I frankly prefer. Not to take anything away from those who can do photo-realistic renderings (as I used to do them when I was younger), because the good ones can totally blow me away. But then I think, "Okay, fabulous, but I could do this with a camera. Now what?"

It's just a really sucky time for the arts. That Ets removed the Arts section from their GGs is a bit defeating; the jewelry section, too. And yet, that there are so many fine artists out there who refuse to give up is heartening, because as we all know, life, and history, is a circle. It'll all come 'round again.

So, now that I've written a long-winded tome, I'm following you; I enjoy your writing. And thank you for mentioning me. Sometimes we just, for whatever reason, notice people. I noticed you, and noticed I was missing you. :)


Longfellow said...

Tina! You are so sweet. Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comments about my portrait work.

And I only posted the one!

I, too, am a California girl and I'm heading back there soon because the weather is just killing me. :)

Not for me is the -10 winds!