Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short and Sweet Update

What a week! Even now as I type this the snow keeps falling and falling, but what a lovely snowfall it is. It's the kind where every individual snowflake is quite distinct, a tiny piece of ephemeral art cast upon the air, most destined to be lost in the white, melted by morning.

I ended up selling a number of paintings from my show; not for a spectacular price but an anonymous benefactor wanted to make a gift of several of them to the sitters and since I have no need for twenty portraits I was happy to offer a bulk discount. That was followed by a commission for another portrait. Again it was not exactly for a great deal of money but at this point I would rather have some of my children out there in the world than worry about undercutting my competitors or selling myself short. After all we're talking portraiture!

On an equally happy note I'm still adoring my etching workshops and here is the completed portrait of my mother. Please see earlier post for the first pull. I hope to be able to set up my own print studio one day such is my enthusiasm for the medium.


Marco Crupi said...

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Longfellow said...

Thanks for your compliment! I have added you to my blogs of note. :)

beicreations said...

Your portraits are wonderful! How nice to have someone commission a group of them (even if you had to discount them).