Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dipping My Toe in the Water

Ok, this whole blogging thing has been a mystery to me right from the start. I have tried to do some personal blogs before and ... oops failure. For a person that likes to talk about themselves I sure don't like to write about myself!

That's not a bad thing, but I'm going to stretch my wings here a little and hopefully give you a taste of my creative side, my magpie side (to share things I like with you), and my gustatory side. Yes, there will be some food art with my art here.

So herein you will find art, arts & crafts, food arts, food issues, and the odd observation about life, love, and the universe (but nothing icky gooey cheesy).

First and foremost I have taken up jewelry design, beaded jewelry work, and am creeping into the more esoteric realms of technique. My primary interest when I do art is color and texture, so technique is not important to me until I need it. Fortunately I have a wonderful mentor/tutor and can work with my hands so whenever I need to learn something new it will magically appear.

The fun for me, so far, in jewelry construction and design is combining my deep magpie longings with the urge to create, and the result is shape, color, and texture that can be worn. What could be more satisfying?

I used to satisfy this urge with knitting, a foray into weaving, but the fiber arts ultimately lost me due to a series of frustrations (I don't need fifty zillion sweaters, the acting of knitting is too repetitive for my tastes, and it costs a fortune to knit even one sweater!).

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