Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Stapled My Thumb

I have some new pieces to photograph, and I'll be doing that in just a little while, but I decided to take some time to write a little update in my blog.
I stapled my thumb yesterday.

Yes, I was exceptionally stupid and while checking a stapler to see if it was full of staples I pushed it closed with my thumb right under the opening where the staples come out and of course managed to fire one staple right into the pad of my thumb. There was a sharp and instant pain and then there was the equally shocking sight of a staple embedded in my flesh. Fortunately I didn't need one of those thingies that look like jaws with metal teeth to extract it, but I still had to pull it out, just like you do when you remove a staple from paper. It bled a bit, but more it felt bruised. Last night I even managed to work on some earrings, coil wrapping the wire, but it was kind of painful.

This morning I have a fat bruised looking thumb! Eek.

Still I don't regret working on the earrings last night. I intend to do more tonight if my thumb allows. While I have lots of stock - sales have been light - I want to make sure I have some stunning pieces for a show I'm going to be juried for which I really really must get into for Christmas. Wish me luck!


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

OUCH!!! I feel bad :-( hope it goes away soon

missknits said...

ouch!!! sounds painful! but glad it wasnt worse then it was!